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Powering Up the Web: A Solar-Powered Website Design and Development Journey Introduction In a world where sustainability and innovation go hand in hand, harnessing the power of the sun has become a pivotal solution. As the digital landscape evolves, so does the need...

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Chanan Weiss Photography

​Introducing Chanan Weiss: Capturing the Beauty of Birds and other Wildlife Through the Lens 🌍 Welcome to the captivating world of Chanan Weiss, a passionate wildlife photographer specialising in the breathtaking realm of bird and wildlife photography. With his keen...

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MUMbox is a multi-channel digital platform, where over 120 000 Mums across South Africa gather for inspiration, to connect with each other, to WIN cash prizes, to learn about, discover and review new products and to enjoy massive savings on products – both in our online shop as well as when doing their regular shopping in-store via “MUMbox cashbacks”.

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Revolutionising R&D tax credits. World class R&D claims advisors using modern technology to deliver an improved R&D claims experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional advisors. We had a 5 week time-frame to convert a design done in Figma to a WordPress website with strong Content Management System (CMS) capabilities.

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