Douglas Jones – unique tile décor

Jun 25, 2016

The client is a unique provider of trendy mosaics and tile décor products. This was the biggest and most rewarding project we have ever undertaken. It comprised the integration of three different Joomla catalogue websites into a full fledged e-commerce system built on WordPress & WooCommerce. Some of the features include:

  • Unique user groups allowing access to restricted content.
  • Daily automated stock and price updates from Pastel to WooCommerce.
  • Custom fields, functions and template integration to achieve specific user requirements.
  • Automated emails from blog entries using the brilliant MailPoet system.
  • Catalogue or end-to-end e-commerce functionality depended on category.
  • Fully responsive view and functionality for mobile and tablet devices.
  • Smart filters and search by attribute to allow for a great user experience.

“I was very excited when the concept of the website was sold to us to by Riaan….but I think this was an example of delivering more than what was expected. Thanks guys for all the hard work….”

Anthony Douglas-Jones – MD