We offer a comprehensive services scope to ensure your website enjoys the highest visibility that results in customer interaction. Our work conforms to web standards and best practices.

We specialise in WordPress and custom website or web application development. Your concept, your requirements, our skills – we would love to collaborate and contribute to your success. Additionally we offer website design, e-commerce development, website maintenance and analysis services.

We pride ourselves in our specialised skills and the up to date technologies we use. Our coding is geared towards a better Google ranking for your website. It is clean and semantic and is based on good coding principles. This also makes it easy and quick to update.

Website design and development

Our web developers use the trusted combination of PHP and MySQL to create dynamic websites. These technologies form part of the LAMP model (which is a combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), a highly stable and powerful model, supported by all hosting providers in South Africa. Furthermore, more than 70% of dynamic websites currently deployed on the Internet utilise this technology. It has the additional benefit of being open source which can be used without additional implementation costs, such as what is required for proprietary systems.

We are front-end development gurus. We use JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, CSS and XHTML to provide an interesting and visually appealing interface. All our designs and development are responsive and we use modern technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5 in our code. The main benefit is that the readable code is semantically accurate. When web development is not semantically accurate, it cannot attain a good ranking. HTML5 and CSS3 help you to overcome this. The readable code is very simple and easy to understand.

We use the award winning WordPress Content Management System (CMS) as the base for our web implementations. A CMS is software that keeps track of every piece of content on your website, much like your local public library keeps track of books and stores them. The content of your website can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of.

A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage. Since the CMS manages all your content, you don't have to. We will aid in your learning of this system until you get to a stage where you are comfortable to manage the content yourself.

Technology we use

WordPressPHP & MySQLWooCommercejQuery

eCommerce Development

eCommerce is a simple way to sell your services or goods online. We can create an online shop for you and help you create a website that allows for buyer interaction and information sourcing. Let us make your website a virtual shopping place.

We specialise in WordPress and WooCommerce development.

Website Maintenance and analysis services

The current trends in website design and website development are often advancing which is why you need someone to keep an eye on your website and be well equipped to action and suggest improvements.


Online copywriting can take on many forms, from long to short copy. The key to online copywriting is being able to optimise it so that people find your site quicker when searching on Google.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is optimising your website with keywords related to your field of business. These keywords are based on both the search queries and patterns of customers on Google. By using these keywords on your website, your website is likely to match a Google search and appear higher on the Google Search Page. These keywords and optimisation help to direct traffic to your website and is an important part of website design and web development.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is using a paid tool provided by Google called Google Ads to advertise on Search Engine Pages. These adverts are normally found at the top of these pages and can be tailored to your unique business offering.

This is a very effective way to quickly drive new visitors to your website.

Social Media Management

Social Media has become an important part in turnkey online marketing strategies. By using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest you can market to your customers and ensure they are aware of your website. Social Media can also be used as a customer service tool.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics program enables website owners to view the total traffic to their website and monitor visitors’ interactions and habits on the website. We can use this to make improvements to the website and to do testing of certain applications and digital offerings.

Email Marketing

Email marketing enables you to communicate with existing and new customers about your products and services and provides a great link to your beautiful new website.


We believe in personal contact with our clients to discuss their special requirements. Having an initial meeting will help to foster the business relationship and help to etch the common understanding of goals and outcomes for your website. If you can supply us with a site map or brief it will expedite the quotation and development process.
We do an all-encompassing assessment of the extent of the work to be done before we will supply you with a formal quotation. This will prevent any surprises when you receive our invoice.
Firstly, we will do a wire-frame which is a rough "look and feel" of your website. Upon approval we will continue with the HTML, CSS or coding implementation. The markup is clean and cross-browser compatible. It is also responsive and SEO friendly. For WordPress sites we will do a site setup and theme integration. This will be followed by customisation that suits all your web development requirements.
We will do a proper database design, engineered for the functionality you require. All development done is modular in nature. Scalability is important to us and additional elements can be added at a later stage as needed.
We will make sure your website is optimised for page speed and free of errors. Google Analytics will be implemented to improve your knowledge of your site visitors and their online behaviour. This will help you to conduct effective targeted email campaigns and marketing.
Basic SEO will be done on your site to ensure visibility and searchability on major search engines like Google. We also provide additional page ranking reports and advanced SEO services.


We are sure that we will be able to help. Just reach out and we will contact you!