Sep 10, 2019

Revolutionising R&D tax credits. World class R&D claims advisors using modern technology to deliver an improved R&D claims experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional advisors.

EmpowerRD was founded with the belief that too much government funding was being taken by inefficient advisors who weren’t incentivised to lower their cut. To solve this problem we’ve radically changed the process of making R&D claims: making it more reliable, time-efficient and cost-effective in the process.

We were delighted when approached by EmpowerRD, a UK company, to redevelop their website.  We had a 5 week time-frame to convert a design done in Figma to a WordPress website with strong Content Management System (CMS) capabilities.  We are happy to report that we completed the job within the time-frame and according to specification = very happy client 🙂

Most of the website has been created using Custom Post Types with associated Advanced Custom Fields.  The benefits of this strong CMS built within WordPress are:

Ease of content management by the client.
Speed of code and content updates.
Strong structure and rules for data entry to ensure consistency.

As an added benefit we developed a core plugin for the website.  This plugin holds the WordPress queries, CSS and JavaScript ensuring a modular approach to development.

If your WordPress site needs more flexible data with an easy-to-manage back end, Advanced Custom Fields is the perfect solution for visually creating fields, selecting multiple input types, assigning fields to multiple edit pages, easily loading data through a clear and familiar interface, and improving upon native WordPress custom post type and metadata features for ease and fast processing. If you need help building, customising, or refreshing your web presence, Viko Designs can help. Contact us for more information or a free quote.

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