Percentage discounts in WooCommerce

Mar 28, 2023 | Learning, WooCommerce


Recently a client needed a 25% discount on their WooCommerce website.  Pretty simple to do; either by manually updating each product or using a bulk editor.

A month later the same client wanted the discount to be removed and the regular price set to reflect the same 25% reduced price.  Also, quite easy to do, but afterwards some of the prices seemed to be incorrect (they weren’t), but I thought I made a mistake using the bulk editor, so I wanted to check that before restoring the database.

This might seem like an elementary math problem, but for some reason I could not figure this out on a Friday afternoon.  Just increasing the price with 25% was wrong, but I had a brain freeze how to do this.  After some Googling and reading complicated math formulas, I finally asked ChatGPT to explain it to me.

Me: how do I add 25% back to a price after subtracting it?





To add 25% back to a price after subtracting it, you can follow these steps:


  1. Subtract the 25% from the original price: original price – 0.25 * original price = 0.75 * original price
  2. This result will be the amount that is left after subtracting 25% from the original price.
  3. To add the 25% back to the original price, you can simply divide the amount obtained in step 2 by 0.75:(0.75 * original price) / 0.75 = original price


Therefore, the final formula to add 25% back to a price after subtracting it would be:


original price = (price after subtracting 25%) / 0.75


For example, if the original price was $100, then the price after subtracting 25% would be:


$100 – 0.25 * $100 = $75


To add the 25% back to $75, you can use the formula:


original price = $75 / 0.75 = $100


So, the original price of $100 has been restored.


What a perfect explanation!  Just divide the new updated price with the inverse of the fraction, in this case 0.75.

I love how it breaks it down and then provides a remarkably simple example.  Finally, I understand this completely and it will be a breeze doing this in future.

Thanks ChatGPT!

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