Pastel Partner to WooCommerce or HikaShop Integration

Jul 16, 2018 | Development, Offers

WooCommerce + WordPress

We offer a cost effective solution for one way product updates from your traditional small business accounting software to your online shop – WooCommerce and Joomla Hikashop. Receive orders on your website and capture them manually in your accounting system.


  • Product information update – price, stock level, sales price, descriptionsetc.
  • Unlimited stock codes.
  • Fully automated.
  • Once, twice or more per day.
  • New products can be created on the fly.
  • Runs in the background so work can continue as normal.

We also offer full integration with bi-directional stock level, price and order entry automation between WooCommerce and your ERP/accounting system and other Sage flavours. Speak to us today for a solution that is right for you.

Integration portfolio:

Douglas Jones

Access Dental

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